Witness Distillery

Witness Distillery
Witness Distillery
330 W. Gallatin Street Vandalia, IL 62471

Thursday: 4pm-7pm; Friday: 3pm-8pm; Saturday: 11am-8pm; CLOSED Sunday-Wednesday

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Housed in a building that dates back to the 1870s, Witness Distillery is reviving the golden days of Illinois' distilled spirits. 

Local, natural ingredients make Witness whiskeys the pride and joy of ILLINOISouth. The non-chlorinated, non-fluoridated water that goes into each batch comes from a spring 25 miles north. And, a combination of locally-sourced corn/wheat grown is delivered by long-time friends in the area, which is ground in-house. Spent mash even goes to feed friends' cows! 

Schedule a tour of Witness Distillery on your next ILLINOISouth adventure in Vandalia.


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