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Linn Park Amphitheater

Near Cumberland & Mill Streets, Martinsville, IL Clark County
199 East Main Street Martinsville Illinois 62442 US

This open-air venue hosts a variety of musical performances and family-friendly events throughout the year.

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15 W. Cumberland, Martinsville, IL 0.08 mi
31 West Cumberland Street, Martinsville, IL. Clark County 0.09 mi
31 W. Cumberland, Martinsville, IL Clark County 0.09 mi
46 W Cumberland St, Martinsville, IL. Clark County 0.1 mi
47 W Cumberland St, Martinsville, IL. Clark County 0.1 mi
38 W. Cumberland, Martinsville, IL Clark County 0.11 mi
15 W. Cumberland St., Martinsville, IL. Clark County 0.22 mi
13699 N. 550th Rd., Martinsville, IL 1.75 mi

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lincoln school Museum.png
7400 E 1500th Rd, Martinsville, IL, United States Clark County 2.3 mi

Representative of the brick construction of one-room schools in the 1880s, this restored building is typical of the era and the education available at that time. It is located on a spur of the National Road. Open limited Days and Appointment Only.

620 York St., Martinsville, IL. Clark County 2.3 mi

This horseshoe is 1,144.2 lbs. of solid cast iron. It measures 5’1 1/4″ high by 5′ 8″ wide by 4′ 5/8″ thick. It was featured in a Fruit of the Loom “Lucky Looms” online advertising campaign. It held the Guinness Book of World Records title from June 21, 2013 until September 8, 2015.

607 NE 13th St, Casey, IL. Clark County 5.35 mi

This 60-foot long wood and steel pitchfork weighs 1,940 pounds. It is located outside of Richards Farm Restaurant, where it is beautifully landscaped and positioned at an angle, so as to create a unique photo opportunity from several sides.

golf tee.jpg
203 Northeast 13th Street, Casey, IL, Clark County 5.55 mi

‘Strategically placed’ at the Casey Country Club, this wooden golf tee measures more than 30 feet from the ground to the top, with a head diameter of 6.26 feet and a shaft diameter of 2.1 feet. Constructed of yellow pine boards, it is held together by 60 gallons of glue and 120 pounds of screws. The total structure weighs 6,659 pounds.

933 State Hwy. 49, Casey, IL 62420 5.77 mi
1248 E. 1250th Rd., Casey, IL 5.82 mi

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Fairview Park, Casey, IL. 6.22 mi

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Fairview Park, Casey, IL Clark County 6.22 mi

In 2010, the IASA selected Casey as the permanent home for its Hall of Fame. The museum became a part of the current Casey Softball Hall of Honor. It is home to years of local, state, and Casey-Westfield Lady Warrior’s softball and baseball memorabilia. Open daily 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

109 E Main St, Casey, IL. Clark County 6.31 mi

The beautifully landscaped steel wind chime, in downtown Casey, IL., measures 55 feet in height. The four steel pipe chimes vary in length, each creating its own unique sound. Visitors are welcome to chime the chimes, except on days of inclement weather.

rocking chair.jpg
109 E Main St, Casey, IL, United States Clark County 6.31 mi

Standing 56′ 6″ tall, and 38′ from rocker end to end, is a 46,200 pound rocking chair made from Western Red Cedar, with 20″ and 7″ pipes forming a steel skeleton on the wood base. It is located directly across the street from the World’s Largest Wind Chime.

2 East Main Street, Casey, IL. Clark County 6.41 mi

The Yarn Studio showcases these big crafting tools made of solid white pine. The knitting needles weigh 50 pounds together and are more than 13 feet high. The crochet hook weights 9 pounds and is 6 feet, 1 1/2 inches tall.

8 W. Main St., Casey, IL. Clark County 6.42 mi

An impressive 32 ft., 6 in. long, this pencil is built from recycled material and is one of the several “World’s Largest” creations that line the streets of downtown Casey.

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