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Bikes & Walking Trails

No matter what the season, you can enjoy our sporting and outdoor activities. Maybe it’s time to ride your bike or take a walk on dozens of neighborhood trails.

Granite City IL 62040 St. Clair

The 1.25 mile paved trail encircles a 74-acre park.

Randolph County IL Randolph

This trail stretches across 6,800 miles and 15 U.S. states. It’s perfect for hiking and bike riding through Randolph County.

Edwardsville IL 62025 Madison

This 2-mile asphalt trail begins at New Poag Road and runs along the bluff, overlooking the SIUE Athletic Fields.

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Carlyle IL 62231 Clinton

The trail runs from the Carlyle Lake Visitor’s Center (Trailhead) east for 10 miles across the Carlyle Lake/Kaskaskia River Dam and the saddle dams. The surface is black top and concrete with some crushed rock surface on the eastern end.

Granite City IL 62040 Madison

This 19-mile asphalt/oil & chip trail offers spectacular views of the Mississippi River and Clark Bridge while running along the river and canal, from Russel Commons Park in Alton to 20th Street in Granite City.

Edwardsville IL 62025 Madison

2 Lane asphalt paved trail.

Chouteau Island Chouteau Island IL Madison

The seven-mile trail runs from Chain of Rocks Road south to the southernmost tip of the Island.

1 mile south of Fults on Bluff Road Chester IL 62233 Randolph

The 1.6 mile walking or hiking trail is located 1 miles south of Fults on Bluff Rd.

Maryville/Glen Carbon Madison

This 7-mile asphalt trail features 10 tunnels and a 175-foot bridge. It connects to six other trails and begins at IL-162 in Troy, runs through Maryville and Glen Carbon, and ends in northern Edwardsville.

Vandalia IL 62471 Fayette

Walk along the former historic Illinois Central Railroad to the beautiful scenery that is the Kaskaskia River. You enter the trail behind he Fayette County Health Department at 416 W. Edwards St. Along the trail you can enjoy the “Did you know” signs that are spread throughout the trail to learn the history of the railroad and about Abraham Lincoln’s involvement with the trail and Vandalia.

N. 1600 Blvd. Mt. Carmel IL 62863 Wabash

This one-mile walking trail is made up of natural wood chips.

City Park Vandalia IL 62471 Fayette

Asphalt scenic trail winding through the city park. The trail can be entered at the corner of Locust & Jefferson Sts. or in the 1000 block of West Fillmore. There are three pavilions for picnics , several areas of play equipment and the town branch runs through it where many a kid has had luck finding crawdads

Edwardsville IL 62025 Madison

Nine Trails make up the more than 100 miles of bikeways that connect communities throughout Madison County. Many of the trails were built using former rail lines. With 18 bridges and 22 tunnels, they are probably the safest bike/walking trails around. Call or go to the website to order a map of the entire system.

Cahokia IL 62206 St. Clair

The 7.6 mile trail is a crushed rock surface and runs from Cargill Road in Cahokia to the intersection of Hwy. 157 and Hwy. 163. The trail sits atop the levee which is 30 ft. high in places.

Belleville IL St. Clair

The 6.9 mile trail cuts across east Belleville connecting the Swansea and Memorial Hospital MetroLink stations with Southwestern Illinois College. Bridges offer trail users safe access across Richland Creek and the railroad tracks.

Collinsville IL 62234 St. Clair

The World Heritage Site of Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site is linked to the historic Mounds Sites in East St. Louis, Old North St. Louis, and Sugar Loaf Mound in South St. Louis. Along the 15-mile route, visit mound sites, museums, historic buildings, cultural landmarks and more.

442 S. DeMazenod Dr. Belleville IL 62223 St. Clair

What a beautiful and tranquil location for a walk, run or bike ride. Illinois Trekkers plan annual events here.

Edwardsville IL 62025 Madison

This 13-mile asphalt trail offers a variety of natural landscapes while passing neighborhoods and institutions including SIUE. The trail begins at Bryant Street in Edwardsville and ends at Mockingbird Lane in Granite City.

Reville Ln. & Hwy. 111 Pontoon Beach IL 62040 Madison

Connecting to Edwardsville Township Park, Miner’s Park and the Lewis & Clark College in Edwardsville, this 14-mile asphalt/limestone trail begins at Longfellow Ave. in Edwardsville and ends in Pontoon Beach.

Madison IL Madison

This bridge is one of the world’s longest pedestrian/bicycle bridges and offers commanding views of the Mississippi River and a great perch for American Eagle watching. Years ago the bridge became very popular as the Route 66 bridge with a 45 degree right curve in the middle. The Bridge is the site of Eagle Days in January and other events.

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